A different approach to health

I listen to bodies …

I listen with my hands, but also with my eyes, ears, heart and mind.

I feel for the knots… the spots of pain… I challenge muscles and hear the stories that they tell… I help your body to release the stress… to tell the story… to find some balance…

Listening is not about forcing… it is about gentle, restorative presence and touch… that opens the doors for change. It is about helping you to feel at home inside yourself and giving you the power to direct the journey.

I believe that the body is designed to be able to heal itself…

(like it would heal a cut, a graze or a broken bone). But sometimes, and for various reasons, the stress is bigger than it can manage alone… it goes into dis-tress and may show symptoms of dis-ease. These symptoms are our bodies way of saying ‘Help, I need a hand here!’, that we have gone off track and are not living up to our true potential.
This dis-ease can range from ‘not feeling quite right’, to acute or chronic conditions. You may find yourself in pain… your muscles may be tight, your mind may be tight… you might experience exhaustion, depression, sinusitis, allergies, learning difficulties, hormonal disturbances, digestive difficulties or any other symptom. But,

these are just signs and symptoms… evidence of some dis-stress that you have not managed to resolve.

And this is when it can help to have someone that can listen… to help you to find the cause of the imbalance… or just to acknowledge that it is there… to give the gentle nudge that is needed so that your body can allow its natural healing processes to take over and you can find that sense of balance and wellbeing again.

Every person is unique, their life experiences are different… I work with you … I listen… to find the parts of the story that contribute to your dis-stress, and together we find what would be the most effective way to help you to relieve it. Every story and every journey is as individual as you are, and I would be delighted to journey with you.

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