About Kate

Health is something that has interested me for much of my life; the mental, the physical and the emotional, but, more importantly, how everything comes together within a person and what can influence it.

I have explored several different health modalities through my studies and my work, and have finally found a home in kinesiology… it addresses the whole person and looks at them within the life context that they exist. It holds all of the above strange paradoxes and thus expresses me.

Once upon a time… I was destined to be an Occupational Therapist. I left school with a vision to help people to improve their ability to function and engage fully with their life.

This is the vision of occupational therapy, and I learned so much about health and worked in so many fascinating contexts. It expanded my knowledge and my experience of the world, but unfortunately, was is very hard to reach the whole person focus that I wanted in a South African medical system under pressure to save lives. In western medicine, there is always a focus on the injury or illness and it works well in that context, but somehow, it wasn’t the focus that I was looking for.

I changed direction for a while and took a position where I was responsible for the creation and management of a community based volunteer counselling system. I worked with some amazing women and gained some valuable understanding of communities. And I learned that despite our different life journeys and challenges, there is a great deal of similarity at the core of our human experience.

At this point, my story took a dramatic turn as I got married and soon after was blessed with a beautiful son. To me, marriage and motherhood was glorious (there was a time when I thought that I may do only this for the rest of my life). I spent 10 years being a wife and mother, growing my family by another 2 children and studying in between. I was still on the quest for something that may fulfil my vision that I left school with, I studied reiki, holistic massage, hot stone massage, trained as an infant massage instructor and then, while trying to find a solution to my young daughter’s eczema, I was introduced to Specialised Kinesiology.

In kinesiology the focus of the work is not just on the symptoms, but on the person, and what lies behind the symptom that brought them through the door.

It took me a while to understand and trust… because it isn’t the medical tradition that I grew up in… but I have finally found my home… The scientist in me has been impressed by the amount of history and science that Specialised Kinesiology is based in and I have been inspired by its gentle but powerful ability to stimulate the body’s healing processes. The artist in me loves listening to the stories that unfold and is awestruck by the changes that can blossom from the simplest interaction.

Kinesiology has finally brought me what I have been looking for all along – a form of health care that looks at the whole person and I delight in being able to share this remarkable process with you.

Interesting facts (in no particular order):

  • I was born and raised in South Africa.
  • I have an inspiring husband, and three young children … all of whom teach me so much about life and with whom I am privileged to spend my days.
  • I played the French horn during my school days which has led to quite a varied appreciation for music.
  • Jodi Picoult is one of my current favourite authors… I love the way she tackles the complexities of life and being human with such delicate honour for all sides of a story.
  • I won’t suffer uncomfortable shoes or clothes… I need to love what I wear in colour, texture and form.
  • I love swings… and rocking chairs… !
  • I love my work and take joy helping others achieve what they want from life.
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