Forms of Kinesiology that I Practice

notNeural Organisational Technique (NOT) – NOT is about taking the body out of the fight, flight and freeze response and restoring biochemical and structural balance. It works with the biological design of the nervous system and in the order of neurological priority. This is an excellent starting point for anybody. By taking your system out of fight or flight, the body is allowed to use its energy in constructive ways – toward improving your health or working toward your goals.

neuroNeurotraining – Neurotraining is about giving you back your own life. It is based on the understanding that 80% of how we react in life has to do with our genetic heritage, and is a process that helps us to create new and better options for doing life rather than having to repeat the same health or life patterns of the generations that have gone before us.

emotionalEmotional – This way of working is to help you to break the links between emotions, your past experience and how you perceive the future. It is excellent for working with allergies, phobias or obsessive compulsive reactions, but can assist with ANY situation in which you feel an emotion! It helps you to create a new future by helping you to release unresolved emotions from the past.

touch for lifeTouch for Health – Touch for Health is about creating the future that you want. It is about setting goals and helping you to achieve them. Sometimes you set a goal or are working toward a vision, but there is something in you that fights the vision and stops you from achieving what you set out to. This system helps to clear the stumbling blocks in your way and get your whole self on board with your vision.
The International Kinesiology College – John Thie’s appointed Guardians of the Touch for Health Synthesis worldwide since 1990: safeguarding and spreading the vision:

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