Kids & Kinesiology

Kinesiology can help us to listen to what a child cannot say with their limited vocabulary and life experience. It is a wonderful tool for understanding your children better, helping them to take control of their emotions and health, and giving them better tools to deal with the challenges they face in their life.

We can’t always change the community, environment or the learning system that our children are called to function within; there will be the arrival of siblings, divorce, bullies, teachers that like structure, teachers that don’t, and things that a child’s brain just interprets differently to what we expect.

Kinesiology is about helping the child to be able to deal with the challenges that they face, giving them different options and better tools so that they can engage better in the world in which they find themselves.

If your child is very little we will use either you or someone else to surrogate (help to answer on behalf of) your child. From about three years of age they will be able to start to manage to do this for themselves.

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