Neural Organisational Technique (NOT)
Your nervous system is like your operating software. Neural Organisational Technique helps to reset your nervous system, take you out of fight and flight and restore structural and hormonal balance.
1 x 45min appointment – £35
3 x 1hr appointments in one week – £120
6 x 1hr appointments in two weeks – £220

Storytelling for Bodies
A symptom is not the beginning of the story. A symptom is usually a build up of lots of things – emotions, thoughts, fears and challenges – they get stuck because the resources were not present for you to deal with them at the time. We will explore what lies behind the symptoms that you experience and how to restore balance to your system so that health can be restored. I am able to draw on any and all of the forms of kinesiology that I practice and create a process that is unique to you.
1 hr – £50

Catalyst for Change
What are your goals? What do you want to achieve? We check for any fears, habits or beliefs that are standing between you and your success and do a personal strengths assessment. You will be provided with a copy of your top strength description to take away and we will clear your blocks in the session. With your blocks cleared and your strengths to build on, there is nothing to stop you!
1hr 30min – £70

Appointments cancelled more than 24hrs in advance will not be charged for.

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