Hot Stone Massage

A massage with hot stones will warm the body, relax the muscles and soothe the soul.

The appeal of hot stone massage lies in the effect created by the use of the heated basalt stones. The heated stones are used both for placement on the body, and for gently working the muscles. The benefits are two-fold; first from the heated stones placed on the body that encourage feelings of warmth, relaxation and tranquillity. Second, when using stones to gently massage the body, the warmth from the stones is transferred deeper into the warm, relaxed tissues; blood circulation is increased and toxins washed from the muscles. Pain and tension can be gently released and the body is encouraged to deeply relax.


Hot stone massage is reasonably new in the format that we use it today, but its roots are found in many of the world’s native traditions. Native Americans, Chinese, Chileans, Hawaiians, and the Japanese all used stones for therapeutic benefits dating as far back as 1500-3000 BC. More recently they have been introduced and incorporated into modern massage practice by Mary Nelson of LaStone therapy, and reworked and incorporated into many other therapies and healing practices across the world.

The Stones

Basalt stones have a high iron content and are one of the best stones for retaining heat which makes them the most sought after choice for both ancient and modern therapists. The stones are formed when molten lava from deep within the earth reaches the surface and is cooled and cracked and then tumbled in the oceans and rivers. The stones are carefully selected and chosen by hand to be especially smooth for comfort, and for their unique shape to work with the contours of the body.

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