Infant Massage

Infant massage helps you to learn to listen to and connect deeply with the unique individual that is your baby.

You learn to do the listening, to listen to their body, to understand your baby’s non-verbal language and to respond with love.

Babies are amazing miracles of creation, whether they arrive the way you and society expect, or whether they have their own unique challenges to face. Your baby is beautiful… a marvel of creation… and you are challenged to listen, really listen … and to find out who they are and what makes them tick

The benefits of infant massage are far wider reaching than they may appear at first glance.  Touch is one of the first developed and most fundamental functions of the body, and one of the first forms of communication that a baby receives.  In the book Touching by Ashley Montague he writes:  “the more we learn about the effects of cutaneous [skin] stimulation, the more pervasively significant for healthy development do we find it to be.”    The Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami  notes that loving touch triggers many physiological changes for the infant including significant weight gain in premature infants, improved food absorption, lowered stress hormone levels and improved immune system functioning.

Infant massage is not a passing trend in baby care, it is an ancient art that is found in numerous cultural traditions all over the world, and while abandoned by many in the early 20th century in the interest of “progress”, modern scientific research is rediscovering the benefits for both infant development, and development of communities as a whole.   Vimala McClure explains in her book Infant Massage: A handbook for loving parents that “Cross cultural studies have demonstrated that in societies where infants are held, massaged, rocked, breastfed and carried, adults are less aggressive and violent, more co-operative and compassionate.”  Who knows, maybe this simple act could change the world, at very least it may change the world for your child.


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